America the Messy Yard Police State

Messy yard cops tackle big breasted dummies!

Messy yard cops tackle big breasted dummies! Don't these government nannies have anything better to do then shake down store owners who use mannequins with big boobs?


Tarzana Store Under Fire for 'Big-Bosomed' Mannequins

The mannequins' triple-D-sized breasts are apparently too much for some residents.


TARZANA, Calif. -- A lingerie store in Tarzana is causing controversy because of its big-bosomed, scantily-clad mannequins displayed in the front window.

The storefront of Susie's Delight on Ventura Boulevard features mannequins with tiny waists and triple-D-sized breasts -- more voluptuous than your average department store mannequins.

Some residents say the window dressings aren't dressed enough and are too sexually-suggestive. They've taken their complaints to City Hall.

Owner Suzie Arazy says she displays the well-endowed mannequins to appeal to women with larger breasts.

City Building & Safety Department officials and code enforcement investigators got involved, according to Councilman Dennis Zine, but the sexually suggestive lingerie displays of those businesses so far have been found to be within the law.

Several stores along Ventura sell racy products, including sex toys.

Zine says residents, especially those with children, are offended by the products.


America the Messy Yard Police State