America the Messy Yard Police State

Chandler Messy Yard cops hard at work destroying peoples lives!

Chandler Messy Yard cops hard at work destroying peoples lives!


Should homebuyer or seller pay for code violations?

by Southeast Valley editorial board - Aug. 16, 2010 02:00 PM

Our View

A west Chandler homeowner is getting a municipal-code lesson that could be coming to a neighborhood near you.

City-code enforcers have inspected the small office in the garage of Trina Gardner, who says it was there when she purchased the home. But the previous owner never obtained a building permit to construct the office.

So who is responsible?

According to the city, the onus is on the current homeowner to file the paperwork.

Once a complaint is made, the city inspects the work in question. If the work was constructed properly, the current homeowner can apply for a retroactive permit to protect herself and subsequent owners. If there are violations, the homeowner can bring the work up to code or demolish it.

Given the proliferation of remodeling projects and lenders who are examining properties more closely, Chandler is seeing an uptick in code complaints.

Gardner said a home inspection was done on the property before she bought it in 2006 and has done nothing to the home since. But home inspectors only note potential problems.

Sellers are required to disclose work that needed a building permit. Those who don't are either misleading the buyer or were not aware a permit was required.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to research the property at the Maricopa County Assessor's Office to make sure records match what's at the property. If they don't, they should ask the seller to furnish building permits.


America the Messy Yard Police State