America the Messy Yard Police State

3 years of violations with out a messy yard ticket

A messy yard criminal for 3 years? And no tickets have been written? Sounds like the messy yard laws in Chandler are selectively enforced!


Chandler to warn tree farm about possible code violations

by Edythe Jensen - Jan. 22, 2010 07:47 AM

The Arizona Republic

More than three years have passed since a Chandler neighbor complained about the messy 6.8-acre Arizona Tree Farm covered with used cars, trailers, dilapidated sheds, untrimmed palm trees, scrap metal and lumber.

There has been some cleanup of the 6.8-acre site south east of Alma School Road and the Santan Freeway but not enough, said city code enforcement manager Rick Brzuchalski. He's planning to remind the owners in the next few days that their property violates municipal laws prohibiting junk, debris, illegal structures and inoperable vehicles. If they ignore the warnings, the city could take issue citations that carry fines and jail time, but Brzuchalski said that wouldn't happen before they get plenty of time to finish the massive cleanup task.


America the Messy Yard Police State