America the Messy Yard Police State

Messy yard cops terrorize people that sell cars!

Messy yard cops terrorize people that sell cars!

There new law that is several years old on the books that says if they pass a law that causes your property to lose value they have to pay you for the loss in value. Will the city of Phoenix tyrants that pass this law pay all the people in Phoenix who have had their home values lowered because they can no longer sell cars from their home? Probably not!


Car sales in Phoenix neighborhoods targeted

by Sadie Jo Smokey - Nov. 14, 2010 07:20 PM

The Arizona Republic

Based on a single anonymous complaint, Phoenix is changing its zoning ordinances to limit how vehicles are sold at private homes.

The City Council on Dec. 8 is expected to approve a text amendment that addresses the illegal sale of used vehicles.

Dwight Amery of Maryvale said multiple homes with cars for sale do not add to the aesthetic of a neighborhood.

"It seems there are some used-car flippers that are paying these people to use their driveways instead of having a lot and selling cars where it's properly zoned," Amery said. "No one guy that lives in a house on a busy street is going to have four different trucks for sale four weeks in a row. This where the pros are taking advantage of the system, and it just degrades the area."

The change to the zoning ordinance is needed to make it clear to homeowners, property owners and vehicle owners the legalities of selling passenger vehicles, motorcycles and boats in neighborhoods, zoning administrator Liz DeMichael said.

"It will be easier to enforce, easier to prosecute and will remove blight from neighborhoods," DeMichael said.


After purchasing a vehicle at an auction, the new owner pays the property owner to display the vehicle for sale. In some cases, the owners park the vehicle at a foreclosed home, business or a vacant lot. Some locations have multiple cars for sale. This type of vehicle sale is illegal, said Erynn Crowley, deputy Neighborhood Services Department director. It increases traffic volume and congestion as potential buyers slow or stop to view the vehicles. [damn why did you jerks build these roads if you don't want people to use them?]


For the most part, DeMichael said, residents and property owners don't know vehicle-sale regulations, zoning rules or special permits required for vehicle dealerships.

"I think the reality is, we need to have the right to sell a vehicle," DeMichael said. "But we need to make sure that people who are using other residents' homes to sell cars can't do that."


The text amendment is "one piece of the pie to solve the problem," said DeMichael.

Changes to the text amendment would limit or require:

The homeowner must own the vehicle for sale.

No more than two vehicles can be sold from a home during the calendar year.

Only one vehicle can be displayed for sale at a time.

The vehicle must be registered to the address where it's displayed for sale.

Vehicles cannot be sold at an unoccupied home, vacant lot or parcel.


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