America the Messy Yard Police State

Cops use lame messy yard violations to get search warrant

Cops will use any lame excuse they can to get a search warrant! "Probable cause" for a search warrant? Cops will tell you they don't need any stinking "probable cause" for a search warrant. They will just make us some lame excuses about "messy yard crimes" or "zoning law violations" to illegally search you, your car, your home or anything the cops want to search.

Globe police used three outdoor fire-code violations as justification to enter Redondo's home


Suspect in Gilbert officer's shooting may be tied to another murder

by Nathan Gonzalez - Feb. 5, 2010 12:00 AM

The Arizona Republic

Police are working to determine if a sawed-off shotgun found in the home of a Globe man charged with the murder of Gilbert Lt. Eric Shuhandler is tied to the June homicide of a Miami man.

First-degree murder and felony aggravated assault charges were filed Thursday in Maricopa County Superior Court against Christopher Angel Redondo, 35, who police say shot Shuhandler in the head during a traffic stop late Jan. 28.

But as charges were filed against Redondo and his suspected getaway driver Daimen Joseph Irizarry, 30, Miami investigators handed over to the Department of Public Safety crime lab a sawed-off shotgun recovered from Redondo's home on Monday, Miami Police Chief Dan Rodriguez said. Irizarry faces felony charges of aggravated assault and unlawful flight from law enforcement.

State investigators are looking into whether the shotgun was used June 24 to fatally shoot Ernie Singh, 40, Rodriguez said.

"At the very least, he was a person of interest in the case," Rodriguez said of Redondo on Thursday. "It was weeks after the homicide that we were able to get the name of Christopher Redondo."

However, police lacked evidence needed to make an arrest. Rodriguez wouldn't go into detail about how Redondo's name came up during the Singh investigation, and it's unclear for which case the warrant was issued.

Globe police found a shotgun and other weapons, including a grenade under a pillow, while serving the search warrant, according to court documents.

Globe police Sgt. James Durnan and Fire Marshal Joe Bracamonte used three outdoor fire-code violations as justification to enter Redondo's home in the 1000 block of North Broad Street, which is leased by his father but is occupied by Redondo, court documents show.

As police and the fire marshal entered the home, "we observed several items of illegal contraband in plain view within the residence," Durnan wrote in court documents.

Inside they found what appeared to be methamphetamine, syringes, a detonator cord "capable of being explosive," various rounds of ammunition, a crossbow, a hand grenade under a pillow and the sawed-off shotgun.

News that investigators may be closer to solving Singh's murder came as a welcomed relief to his sister, Maria Yniguez, 57.

Singh moved into his mother's Miami home after being laid off as a machinist in La Puente, Calif., two years ago, Yniguez said. Singh found work cleaning local grocery stores after hours, Yniguez said.

Then one day she got a call about her brother being shot.

"I ran into the living room and next thing I know I see my brother laying there on the floor," she said in a phone interview as she broke into tears.

Family members knew of no link between Redondo and Singh, Yniguez said.


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