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  Messy yard cops order man to cut down tree in Scottsdale


Scottsdale man could face jail time over tree that violates city code

Posted: 09/29/2011

By: Mike Pelton

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A Scottsdale man faces possible jail time if he doesn't cut down a tree in his backyard.

Raed Tarazi received a letter in the mail from the City of Scottsdale, stating a tree in his backyard violated city code, since it was a non indigenous tree that has the potential to grow larger than 50 feet tall.

"I thought it was a joke at first, this tree has been here longer than I have," Tarazi said.

The letter states that Tarazi has until October 12th to remove the tree. If he doesn't comply, penalties could include fines of $2,500 for each day a violation is found and even six months in jail.

"I think it's terribly excessive," Tarazi said.

Tarazi now has to have the tree removed, a process he said could cost him more than a thousand dollars. He is fighting to try and save the tree, which was planted before he moved into his house and provides shade.

"I did have somebody out yesterday who informed me that would be impossible, given the size of the tree," Tarazi said.

ABC15 contacted the Scottsdale Code Enforcement office to discuss the harsh penalties in the event of non compliance, but they did not return our calls for comment.


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